TF-regulated miRNA
This web page lists the transcription factors (TFs) regulators for various

cancer types and signal transduction networks (STNs).

hsa-mir-197 HNF4A hsa-mir-107 p300 hsa-mir-106b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-125a CDX2 hsa-mir-378 Max hsa-mir-210 JunD hsa-mir-25 CDX2 hsa-mir-301b GATA-2 hsa-mir-942 HEY1 hsa-mir-610 HNF4A
hsa-mir-1280 ZNF711 hsa-mir-1260b Jun hsa-mir-106b PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-125a HNF4A hsa-mir-378 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-210 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-25 GATA6 hsa-mir-301b SETDB1 hsa-mir-559 ERG hsa-mir-610 BDP1
hsa-mir-1280 AR hsa-mir-1260b NANOG hsa-mir-106b POU2F2 hsa-mir-125a NFKB hsa-mir-378 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-210 Egr-1 hsa-mir-25 HNF4A hsa-mir-301b YY1 hsa-mir-559 Jun hsa-mir-612 FoxA1
hsa-mir-1280 ERG hsa-mir-1260b FoxA1 hsa-mir-106b PU.1 hsa-mir-125a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-378 BAF155 hsa-mir-210 NRSF hsa-mir-25 p68 hsa-mir-301b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-559 HNF4A hsa-mir-612 AR
hsa-mir-1280 Jun hsa-mir-1260b PPARg hsa-mir-106b Pbx3 hsa-mir-125a BAF155 hsa-mir-378 BAF170 hsa-mir-326 AR hsa-mir-25 NFKB hsa-mir-301b POU2F2 hsa-mir-559 STAT1 hsa-mir-612 ERG
hsa-mir-1280 Fos hsa-mir-1260b EWS_ERG hsa-mir-106b SP1 hsa-mir-125a BAF170 hsa-mir-378 E2F1 hsa-mir-326 ERG hsa-mir-25 c-Fos hsa-mir-301b SP1 hsa-mir-559 NANOG hsa-mir-612 ERG_AR
hsa-mir-1280 Myc hsa-mir-1260b SPDEF hsa-mir-106b Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-125a E2F1 hsa-mir-378 E2F6 hsa-mir-326 ERalpha hsa-mir-25 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-301b Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-559 RARalpha hsa-mir-612 ERalpha
hsa-mir-1280 ETS1 hsa-mir-1260b E2F4 hsa-mir-106b TAF1 hsa-mir-125a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-378 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-326 Jun hsa-mir-25 Max hsa-mir-301b TCF12 hsa-mir-559 FOXH1 hsa-mir-612 Jun
hsa-mir-1280 CBP hsa-mir-1260b CDX2 hsa-mir-106b TCF12 hsa-mir-125a Ini1 hsa-mir-378 Ini1 hsa-mir-326 Myc hsa-mir-25 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-301b TAF1 hsa-mir-559 CDX2 hsa-mir-612 Fos
hsa-mir-1280 HNF4A hsa-mir-1260b GATA6 hsa-mir-106b NRSF hsa-mir-125a JunD hsa-mir-378 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-326 GATA1 hsa-mir-25 BAF155 hsa-mir-301b FOSL2 hsa-mir-559 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-612 Myc
hsa-mir-1280 OCT4 hsa-mir-1260b HNF4A hsa-mir-106b FOSL2 hsa-mir-125a c-Myc hsa-mir-378 c-Myc hsa-mir-326 GATA2 hsa-mir-25 Brg1 hsa-mir-301b HEY1 hsa-mir-559 Max hsa-mir-612 GATA2
hsa-mir-1280 NANOG hsa-mir-1260b NFKB hsa-mir-106b HEY1 hsa-mir-125a E2F6 hsa-mir-378 STAT2 hsa-mir-326 CBP hsa-mir-25 E2F1 hsa-mir-301b PU.1 hsa-mir-559 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-612 ETS1
hsa-mir-1280 p300 hsa-mir-1260b Rad21 hsa-mir-106b JunD hsa-mir-125a GR hsa-mir-378 STAT1 hsa-mir-326 ERbeta hsa-mir-25 E2F6 hsa-mir-301b SIX5 hsa-mir-559 BAF155 hsa-mir-612 CBP
hsa-mir-1280 MED12 hsa-mir-1260b CEBPB hsa-mir-106b RXRA hsa-mir-125a EBF hsa-mir-378 c-Jun hsa-mir-326 p63 hsa-mir-25 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-301b NRSF hsa-mir-559 BAF170 hsa-mir-612 ERbeta
hsa-mir-1280 EWS_ERG hsa-mir-1260b c-Jun hsa-mir-106b FOXP2 hsa-mir-125a PU.1 hsa-mir-378 YY1 hsa-mir-326 ER hsa-mir-25 Ini1 hsa-mir-484 ERG hsa-mir-559 JunD hsa-mir-612 CEBPA
hsa-mir-1280 ELF1 hsa-mir-1260b Brg1 hsa-mir-182 ERG hsa-mir-125a FOSL2 hsa-mir-378 USF-1 hsa-mir-326 OCT4 hsa-mir-25 RPC155 hsa-mir-484 Jun hsa-mir-559 c-Fos hsa-mir-612 HNF4A
hsa-mir-1280 E2F4 hsa-mir-1260b Ini1 hsa-mir-182 Myc hsa-mir-125a HEY1 hsa-mir-378 BCL11A hsa-mir-326 p300 hsa-mir-25 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-484 Myc hsa-mir-559 CEBPB hsa-mir-612 STAT1
hsa-mir-1280 CDX2 hsa-mir-1260b SIRT6 hsa-mir-182 ETS1 hsa-mir-125a p300 hsa-mir-378 EBF hsa-mir-326 MED12 hsa-mir-25 c-Myc hsa-mir-484 ETS1 hsa-mir-559 SREBP1 hsa-mir-612 p63
hsa-mir-1280 ERbeta hsa-mir-1260b E2F6 hsa-mir-182 ZNF263 hsa-mir-125a TAF1 hsa-mir-378 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-326 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-25 CEBPB hsa-mir-484 CBP hsa-mir-559 c-Myc hsa-mir-612 ZNF263
hsa-mir-1280 p68 hsa-mir-1260b SETDB1 hsa-mir-182 STAT1 hsa-mir-125a NRSF hsa-mir-378 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-326 FOXH1 hsa-mir-25 SREBP1 hsa-mir-484 STAT1 hsa-mir-559 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-612 ER
hsa-mir-1280 NFKB hsa-mir-1260b CTCF hsa-mir-182 OCT4 hsa-let-7c ZNF711 hsa-mir-378 POU2F2 hsa-mir-326 E2F4 hsa-mir-25 TR4 hsa-mir-484 p63 hsa-mir-559 YY1 hsa-mir-612 OCT4
hsa-mir-1280 c-Fos hsa-mir-1260b GR hsa-mir-182 NANOG hsa-let-7c AR hsa-mir-378 SP1 hsa-mir-326 CDX2 hsa-mir-25 STAT2 hsa-mir-484 NANOG hsa-mir-559 USF-1 hsa-mir-612 NANOG
hsa-mir-1280 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-1260b BATF hsa-mir-182 ERalpha hsa-let-7c JunD hsa-mir-378 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-326 GATA6 hsa-mir-25 ATF3 hsa-mir-484 p300 hsa-mir-559 NRSF hsa-mir-612 RARalpha
hsa-mir-1280 Max hsa-mir-1260b BCL11A hsa-mir-182 SMAD2/3 hsa-let-7c c-Jun hsa-mir-378 TCF12 hsa-mir-326 HNF4A hsa-mir-25 GTF2B hsa-mir-484 E2F4 hsa-mir-559 EBF hsa-mir-612 ERa-RARa
hsa-mir-1280 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-1260b EBF hsa-mir-182 SMAD3 hsa-let-7c NRSF hsa-mir-378 TAF1 hsa-mir-326 NFKB hsa-mir-25 NF-E2 hsa-mir-484 PPARg hsa-mir-559 TAF1 hsa-mir-612 p300
hsa-mir-1280 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-1260b IRF4 hsa-mir-182 CDX2 hsa-mir-132 ERG hsa-mir-378 Egr-1 hsa-mir-326 Max hsa-mir-25 NF-YA hsa-mir-484 ELF1 hsa-mir-559 FOSL2 hsa-mir-612 MED12
hsa-mir-1280 BAF155 hsa-mir-1260b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-182 HNF4A hsa-mir-132 Jun hsa-mir-378 HEY1 hsa-mir-326 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-25 NF-YB hsa-mir-484 SPI1 hsa-mir-559 HEY1 hsa-mir-612 SMAD2/3
hsa-mir-1280 E2F1 hsa-mir-1260b PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-182 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-132 Myc hsa-mir-340 ERG hsa-mir-326 c-Jun hsa-mir-25 c-Jun hsa-mir-484 CDX2 hsa-mir-559 RXRA hsa-mir-612 SMAD4
hsa-mir-1280 E2F6 hsa-mir-1260b POU2F2 hsa-mir-182 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-132 GATA1 hsa-mir-340 AR hsa-mir-326 BAF155 hsa-mir-25 SETDB1 hsa-mir-484 GATA6 hsa-mir-559 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-612 FOXH1
hsa-mir-1280 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-1260b PU.1 hsa-mir-182 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-132 FOXH1 hsa-mir-340 Jun hsa-mir-326 E2F1 hsa-mir-25 YY1 hsa-mir-484 HNF4A hsa-mir-559 p300 hsa-mir-612 E2F4
hsa-mir-1280 Ini1 hsa-mir-1260b SP1 hsa-mir-182 BAF155 hsa-mir-132 E2F4 hsa-mir-340 Myc hsa-mir-326 E2F6 hsa-mir-25 USF-1 hsa-mir-484 NFKB hsa-mir-562 ZNF711 hsa-mir-612 HSF1
hsa-mir-1280 c-Myc hsa-mir-1260b TAF1 hsa-mir-182 E2F1 hsa-mir-132 CDX2 hsa-mir-340 ETS1 hsa-mir-326 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-25 GR hsa-mir-484 Max hsa-mir-562 ERG hsa-mir-612 FOXA2
hsa-mir-1280 CEBPB hsa-mir-1260b TCF12 hsa-mir-182 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-132 HNF4A hsa-mir-340 CBP hsa-mir-326 Ini1 hsa-mir-25 BATF hsa-mir-484 Rad21 hsa-mir-562 Myc hsa-mir-612 PPARg
hsa-mir-1280 TR4 hsa-mir-1260b HEY1 hsa-mir-182 Ini1 hsa-mir-132 p68 hsa-mir-340 CEBPA hsa-mir-326 RPC155 hsa-mir-25 BCL11A hsa-mir-484 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-562 ETS1 hsa-mir-612 SPI1
hsa-mir-1280 NF-YA hsa-mir-1260b USF-1 hsa-mir-182 Max hsa-mir-132 NFKB hsa-mir-340 STAT1 hsa-mir-326 c-Myc hsa-mir-25 BCL3 hsa-mir-484 BAF155 hsa-mir-562 CBP hsa-mir-612 CDX2
hsa-mir-1280 NF-YB hsa-mir-192 AR hsa-mir-182 c-Myc hsa-mir-132 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-340 p63 hsa-mir-326 CEBPB hsa-mir-25 EBF hsa-mir-484 BAF170 hsa-mir-562 ZNF263 hsa-mir-612 p68
hsa-mir-1280 c-Jun hsa-mir-192 ERG hsa-mir-182 E2F4 hsa-mir-132 Max hsa-mir-340 p300 hsa-mir-326 ERRA hsa-mir-25 GABP hsa-mir-484 BRF1 hsa-mir-562 NANOG hsa-mir-612 NFKB
hsa-mir-1280 SETDB1 hsa-mir-192 Jun hsa-mir-182 E2F6 hsa-mir-132 BAF155 hsa-mir-340 MED12 hsa-mir-326 PGC1A hsa-mir-25 IRF4 hsa-mir-484 Brg1 hsa-mir-562 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-612 Max
hsa-mir-1280 YY1 hsa-mir-192 HNF4A hsa-mir-182 SETDB1 hsa-mir-132 E2F1 hsa-mir-340 SMAD4 hsa-mir-326 Brg1 hsa-mir-25 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-484 Ini1 hsa-mir-562 ELF1 hsa-mir-612 TR4
hsa-mir-1280 USF-1 hsa-mir-192 E2F4 hsa-mir-182 SUZ12 hsa-mir-132 E2F6 hsa-mir-340 E2F4 hsa-mir-326 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-25 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-484 JunD hsa-mir-562 E2F4 hsa-mir-612 TCF7L2
hsa-mir-1280 BATF hsa-mir-192 CDX2 hsa-mir-182 EBF hsa-mir-132 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-340 CDX2 hsa-mir-326 GATA-1 hsa-mir-25 POU2F2 hsa-mir-484 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-562 CDX2 hsa-mir-612 c-Jun
hsa-mir-1280 EBF hsa-mir-192 p68 hsa-mir-182 TAF1 hsa-mir-132 Ini1 hsa-mir-340 HNF4A hsa-mir-326 GATA-2 hsa-mir-25 PU.1 hsa-mir-484 c-Myc hsa-mir-562 GATA6 hsa-mir-612 AP-2alpha
hsa-mir-1280 GABP hsa-mir-192 NFKB hsa-mir-182 FOSL2 hsa-mir-132 c-Myc hsa-mir-340 p68 hsa-mir-326 ZNF263 hsa-mir-25 Pbx3 hsa-mir-484 CEBPB hsa-mir-562 HNF4A hsa-mir-612 AP-2gamma
hsa-mir-1280 IRF4 hsa-mir-192 Rad21 hsa-mir-182 HEY1 hsa-mir-132 SREBP1 hsa-mir-340 Max hsa-mir-326 GR hsa-mir-25 SP1 hsa-mir-484 STAT2 hsa-mir-562 ERbeta hsa-mir-612 BAF155
hsa-mir-1280 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-192 BAF155 hsa-mir-106a ERG hsa-mir-132 c-Jun hsa-mir-340 NFKB hsa-mir-326 NRSF hsa-mir-25 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-484 GTF2B hsa-mir-562 NFKB hsa-mir-612 BAF170
hsa-mir-1280 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-192 Ini1 hsa-mir-106a NANOG hsa-mir-132 GATA-1 hsa-mir-340 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-326 EBF hsa-mir-25 TAF1 hsa-mir-484 SIRT6 hsa-mir-562 TR4 hsa-mir-612 BRF2
hsa-mir-1280 POU2F2 hsa-mir-192 ERRA hsa-mir-106a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-132 YY1 hsa-mir-340 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-326 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-25 TCF12 hsa-mir-484 c-Fos hsa-mir-562 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-612 Brg1
hsa-mir-1280 Pbx3 hsa-mir-192 TR4 hsa-mir-106a SMAD3 hsa-mir-132 SUZ12 hsa-mir-340 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-326 POU2F2 hsa-mir-25 NRSF hsa-mir-484 c-Jun hsa-mir-562 Max hsa-mir-612 E2F1
hsa-mir-1280 SP1 hsa-mir-192 ZNF263 hsa-mir-106a E2F4 hsa-mir-132 USF-1 hsa-mir-340 BAF155 hsa-mir-326 PU.1 hsa-mir-25 FOSL2 hsa-mir-484 E2F6 hsa-mir-562 BAF155 hsa-mir-612 E2F6
hsa-mir-1280 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-192 CTCF hsa-mir-106a CDX2 hsa-mir-132 EBF hsa-mir-340 BAF170 hsa-mir-326 TCF12 hsa-mir-25 HEY1 hsa-mir-484 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-562 E2F1 hsa-mir-612 HA-E2F1
hsa-mir-1280 TAF1 hsa-mir-192 GR hsa-mir-106a NFKB hsa-mir-132 Egr-1 hsa-mir-340 Brg1 hsa-mir-326 FOSL2 hsa-mir-25 JunD hsa-mir-484 CTCF hsa-mir-562 Ini1 hsa-mir-612 Ini1
hsa-mir-1280 TCF12 hsa-mir-192 NRSF hsa-mir-106a Max hsa-mir-132 NRSF hsa-mir-340 E2F1 hsa-mir-326 GABP hsa-mir-25 RXRA hsa-mir-484 USF-1 hsa-mir-562 c-Myc hsa-mir-612 JunD
hsa-mir-1280 PU.1 hsa-mir-192 EBF hsa-mir-106a E2F6 hsa-mir-132 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-340 E2F6 hsa-mir-326 HEY1 hsa-mir-25 FOXP2 hsa-mir-484 BATF hsa-mir-562 CEBPB hsa-mir-612 c-Fos
hsa-mir-1280 HEY1 hsa-mir-192 IRF4 hsa-mir-106a TAF1 hsa-mir-132 POU2F2 hsa-mir-340 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-326 JunD hsa-mir-221 p63 hsa-mir-484 BCL11A hsa-mir-562 HSF1 hsa-mir-612 c-Myc
hsa-mir-1280 JunD hsa-mir-192 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-19a FoxA1 hsa-mir-132 SP1 hsa-mir-340 Ini1 hsa-mir-326 RXRA hsa-mir-221 EWS_ERG hsa-mir-484 BCL3 hsa-mir-562 NELFe hsa-mir-612 CEBPB
hsa-mir-1280 RXRA hsa-mir-192 POU2F2 hsa-mir-19a ERG hsa-mir-132 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-340 Nrf1 hsa-mir-326 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-221 AR hsa-mir-484 EBF hsa-mir-562 E2F6 hsa-mir-612 ERRA
hsa-mir-1280 Egr-1 hsa-mir-192 PU.1 hsa-mir-19a Jun hsa-mir-132 TCF12 hsa-mir-340 c-Myc hsa-mir-326 TAF1 hsa-mir-221 CDX2 hsa-mir-484 GABP hsa-mir-562 SETDB1 hsa-mir-612 PGC1A
hsa-mir-1280 SIX5 hsa-mir-192 FOSL2 hsa-mir-19a Fos hsa-mir-132 GABP hsa-mir-340 SETDB1 hsa-mir-20a FoxA1 hsa-mir-221 Rad21 hsa-mir-484 IRF4 hsa-mir-562 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-612 SREBP1
hsa-mir-1280 FOXP2 hsa-mir-192 HEY1 hsa-mir-19a Myc hsa-mir-132 FOSL2 hsa-mir-340 GR hsa-mir-20a ERG hsa-mir-221 ZZZ3 hsa-mir-484 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-562 GR hsa-mir-612 SREBP2
hsa-mir-1280 NRSF hsa-mir-192 JunD hsa-mir-19a GATA1 hsa-mir-132 JunD hsa-mir-340 USF-1 hsa-mir-20a Jun hsa-mir-221 NFKB hsa-mir-484 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-562 USF-1 hsa-mir-612 STAT2
hsa-mir-15b ERG hsa-mir-192 RXRA hsa-mir-19a STAT1 hsa-mir-132 HEY1 hsa-mir-340 EBF hsa-mir-20a Fos hsa-mir-221 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-484 POU2F2 hsa-mir-562 NRSF hsa-mir-612 GTF2B
hsa-mir-15b Jun hsa-mir-192 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-19a ZNF263 hsa-mir-132 FOXP2 hsa-mir-340 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-20a Myc hsa-mir-221 CTCF hsa-mir-484 PU.1 hsa-mir-562 BCL3 hsa-mir-612 NELFe
hsa-mir-15b Myc hsa-mir-192 TAF1 hsa-mir-19a NANOG hsa-mir-122 HNF4A hsa-mir-340 PU.1 hsa-mir-20a GATA1 hsa-mir-221 GR hsa-mir-484 Pbx3 hsa-mir-562 EBF hsa-mir-612 NF-E2
hsa-mir-15b GATA2 hsa-mir-192 p300 hsa-mir-19a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-122 NANOG hsa-mir-340 TCF12 hsa-mir-20a STAT1 hsa-mir-363 ERG hsa-mir-484 SP1 hsa-mir-562 GABP hsa-mir-612 SIRT6
hsa-mir-15b ETS1 hsa-mir-141 AR hsa-mir-19a E2F4 hsa-mir-122 FOXH1 hsa-mir-340 TAF1 hsa-mir-20a ZNF263 hsa-mir-363 NANOG hsa-mir-484 TCF12 hsa-mir-562 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-612 TFIIIC-110
hsa-mir-15b CBP hsa-mir-141 ERG hsa-mir-19a CDX2 hsa-mir-122 FOXA2 hsa-mir-340 HEY1 hsa-mir-20a NANOG hsa-mir-363 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-484 TAF1 hsa-mir-562 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-612 GATA-2
hsa-mir-15b STAT1 hsa-mir-141 Jun hsa-mir-19a HNF4A hsa-mir-122 E2F4 hsa-mir-340 ZBTB33 hsa-mir-20a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-363 SMAD3 hsa-mir-484 NRSF hsa-mir-562 POU2F2 hsa-mir-612 SETDB1
hsa-mir-15b E2F4 hsa-mir-141 Myc hsa-mir-19a p68 hsa-mir-181c Jun hsa-mir-340 NRSF hsa-mir-20a E2F4 hsa-mir-363 E2F4 hsa-mir-484 FOSL2 hsa-mir-562 SP1 hsa-mir-612 YY1
hsa-mir-15b ELF1 hsa-mir-141 GATA1 hsa-mir-19a NFKB hsa-mir-181c STAT1 hsa-mir-340 FOXP2 hsa-mir-20a CDX2 hsa-mir-363 CDX2 hsa-mir-484 HEY1 hsa-mir-562 TCF12 hsa-mir-612 USF-1
hsa-mir-15b CDX2 hsa-mir-141 GATA2 hsa-mir-19a JunD hsa-mir-181c NANOG hsa-mir-206 BATF hsa-mir-20a HNF4A hsa-mir-363 NFKB hsa-mir-484 RXRA hsa-mir-562 TAF1 hsa-mir-612 GR
hsa-mir-15b GATA6 hsa-mir-141 CEBPA hsa-mir-19a Max hsa-mir-181c ERalpha hsa-mir-206 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-20a p68 hsa-mir-363 Max hsa-mir-484 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-562 FOSL2 hsa-mir-612 NRSF
hsa-mir-15b HNF4A hsa-mir-141 STAT1 hsa-mir-19a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-181c CDX2 hsa-mir-335 AR hsa-mir-20a NFKB hsa-mir-363 E2F6 hsa-mir-21 AR hsa-mir-562 HEY1 hsa-mir-612 BATF
hsa-mir-15b NFKB hsa-mir-141 ZNF263 hsa-mir-19a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-181c HNF4A hsa-mir-335 ERG hsa-mir-20a JunD hsa-mir-363 TAF1 hsa-mir-21 ERalpha hsa-mir-562 JunD hsa-mir-612 BCL11A
hsa-mir-15b YY1 hsa-mir-141 NANOG hsa-mir-19a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-181c TCF7L2 hsa-mir-335 ZNF263 hsa-mir-20a Max hsa-mir-503 ERG hsa-mir-21 Jun hsa-mir-562 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-612 BCL3
hsa-mir-15b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-141 p300 hsa-mir-19a BAF155 hsa-mir-181c AP-2alpha hsa-mir-335 OCT4 hsa-mir-20a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-503 Jun hsa-mir-21 Fos hsa-mir-562 ZBTB33 hsa-mir-612 EBF
hsa-mir-15b BAF155 hsa-mir-141 MED12 hsa-mir-19a BAF170 hsa-mir-181c AP-2gamma hsa-mir-335 NANOG hsa-mir-20a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-503 Myc hsa-mir-21 CEBPA hsa-mir-562 p300 hsa-mir-612 IRF4
hsa-mir-15b BAF170 hsa-mir-141 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-19a BDP1 hsa-mir-181c BAF155 hsa-mir-335 CDX2 hsa-mir-20a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-503 CBP hsa-mir-21 HNF4A hsa-mir-569 ERG hsa-mir-612 PAX5-C20
hsa-mir-15b E2F1 hsa-mir-141 SPI1 hsa-mir-19a Brg1 hsa-mir-181c BAF170 hsa-mir-335 GATA6 hsa-mir-20a BAF155 hsa-mir-503 p63 hsa-mir-21 STAT1 hsa-mir-569 Jun hsa-mir-612 PAX5-N19
hsa-mir-15b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-141 E2F4 hsa-mir-19a E2F1 hsa-mir-181c Ini1 hsa-mir-335 HNF4A hsa-mir-20a BAF170 hsa-mir-503 NANOG hsa-mir-21 ER hsa-mir-569 Myc hsa-mir-612 POU2F2
hsa-mir-15b Ini1 hsa-mir-141 CDX2 hsa-mir-19a E2F6 hsa-mir-181c HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-335 p68 hsa-mir-20a BDP1 hsa-mir-503 E2F4 hsa-mir-21 OCT4 hsa-mir-569 GATA2 hsa-mir-612 PU.1
hsa-mir-15b JunD hsa-mir-141 HNF4A hsa-mir-19a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-181c CTCF hsa-mir-335 Rad21 hsa-mir-20a Brg1 hsa-mir-503 CDX2 hsa-mir-21 NANOG hsa-mir-569 CBP hsa-mir-612 Pbx3
hsa-mir-15b Nrf1 hsa-mir-141 NFKB hsa-mir-19a Ini1 hsa-mir-181c NRSF hsa-mir-335 NFKB hsa-mir-20a E2F1 hsa-mir-503 HNF4A hsa-mir-21 CDX2 hsa-mir-569 STAT1 hsa-mir-612 SP1
hsa-mir-15b GRp20 hsa-mir-141 Max hsa-mir-19a c-Myc hsa-mir-181c USF-1 hsa-mir-335 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-20a E2F6 hsa-mir-503 p68 hsa-mir-21 GATA6 hsa-mir-569 ZNF263 hsa-mir-612 Sin3Ak-20
hsa-mir-15b STAT2 hsa-mir-141 Rad21 hsa-mir-19a CEBPB hsa-mir-181c HEY1 hsa-mir-335 Max hsa-mir-20a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-503 NFKB hsa-mir-21 ERbeta hsa-mir-569 NANOG hsa-mir-612 TAF1
hsa-mir-15b c-Myc hsa-mir-141 YY1 hsa-mir-19a STAT2 hsa-mir-127 CDX2 hsa-mir-335 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-20a Ini1 hsa-mir-503 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-21 NFKB hsa-mir-569 p300 hsa-mir-612 TCF12
hsa-mir-15b Brg1 hsa-mir-141 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-19a GTF2B hsa-mir-127 HNF4A hsa-mir-335 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-20a c-Myc hsa-mir-503 Max hsa-mir-21 JunD hsa-mir-569 E2F4 hsa-mir-612 ZBTB33
hsa-mir-15b GTF2B hsa-mir-141 c-Jun hsa-mir-19a NELFe hsa-mir-127 SETDB1 hsa-mir-335 BAF155 hsa-mir-20a CEBPB hsa-mir-503 BAF155 hsa-mir-21 Rad21 hsa-mir-569 CDX2 hsa-mir-612 GABP
hsa-mir-15b c-Jun hsa-mir-141 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-19a NF-YA hsa-mir-127 BCL3 hsa-mir-335 E2F6 hsa-mir-20a STAT2 hsa-mir-503 BAF170 hsa-mir-21 YY1 hsa-mir-569 GATA6 hsa-mir-612 BHLHE40
hsa-mir-15b GATA-2 hsa-mir-141 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-19a NF-YB hsa-mir-127 Pbx3 hsa-mir-335 Ini1 hsa-mir-20a GTF2B hsa-mir-503 E2F6 hsa-mir-21 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-569 HNF4A hsa-mir-612 FOSL2
hsa-mir-15b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-141 BAF155 hsa-mir-19a c-Fos hsa-mir-150 ETS1 hsa-mir-335 JunD hsa-mir-20a NELFe hsa-mir-503 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-21 c-Jun hsa-mir-569 NFKB hsa-mir-612 HEY1
hsa-mir-15b PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-141 BAF170 hsa-mir-19a c-Jun hsa-mir-150 CBP hsa-mir-335 Nrf1 hsa-mir-20a NF-YA hsa-mir-503 Ini1 hsa-mir-21 BDP1 hsa-mir-569 Rad21 hsa-mir-612 RXRA
hsa-mir-15b POU2F2 hsa-mir-141 Brg1 hsa-mir-19a GATA-1 hsa-mir-150 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-335 c-Myc hsa-mir-20a NF-YB hsa-mir-503 c-Jun hsa-mir-21 BRF1 hsa-mir-569 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-612 FOXP2
hsa-mir-15b PU.1 hsa-mir-141 Ini1 hsa-mir-19a SETDB1 hsa-mir-150 CEBPA hsa-mir-335 CEBPB hsa-mir-20a c-Fos hsa-mir-503 c-Myc hsa-mir-21 BRF2 hsa-mir-569 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-675 ERG
hsa-mir-15b SP1 hsa-mir-141 JunD hsa-mir-19a YY1 hsa-mir-150 CDX2 hsa-mir-335 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-20a c-Jun hsa-mir-503 GTF2B hsa-mir-21 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-569 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-675 E2F4
hsa-mir-15b ZBTB33 hsa-mir-141 Nrf1 hsa-mir-19a BATF hsa-mir-150 HNF4A hsa-mir-335 CTCF hsa-mir-20a GATA-1 hsa-mir-503 YY1 hsa-mir-21 c-Fos hsa-mir-569 BAF155 hsa-mir-675 Rad21
hsa-mir-15b TAF1 hsa-mir-141 RPC155 hsa-mir-19a BCL11A hsa-mir-150 p68 hsa-mir-335 GR hsa-mir-20a SETDB1 hsa-mir-503 ZNF263 hsa-mir-21 CEBPB hsa-mir-569 BAF170 hsa-mir-675 TCF7L2
hsa-mir-15b HEY1 hsa-mir-141 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-19a EBF hsa-mir-150 NFKB hsa-mir-335 IRF4 hsa-mir-20a YY1 hsa-mir-503 GR hsa-mir-21 STAT2 hsa-mir-569 Brg1 hsa-mir-675 AP-2alpha
hsa-mir-15b Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-141 c-Myc hsa-mir-19a IRF4 hsa-mir-150 Rad21 hsa-mir-335 TCF12 hsa-mir-20a BATF hsa-mir-503 NRSF hsa-mir-21 Brg1 hsa-mir-569 E2F1 hsa-mir-675 AP-2gamma
hsa-mir-15b p300 hsa-mir-141 CEBPB hsa-mir-19a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-150 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-335 TAF1 hsa-mir-20a BCL11A hsa-mir-503 TAF1 hsa-mir-21 GTF2B hsa-mir-569 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-675 Max
hsa-let-7g ERalpha hsa-mir-141 NF-E2 hsa-mir-19a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-150 CEBPB hsa-mir-335 HEY1 hsa-mir-20a EBF hsa-mir-503 HEY1 hsa-mir-21 Ini1 hsa-mir-569 Ini1 hsa-mir-675 c-Myc
hsa-let-7g CDX2 hsa-mir-141 c-Fos hsa-mir-19a POU2F2 hsa-mir-150 c-Myc hsa-mir-335 USF-1 hsa-mir-20a IRF4 hsa-mir-20b ERG hsa-mir-21 SIRT6 hsa-mir-569 Max hsa-mir-675 NF-YB
hsa-let-7g HNF4A hsa-mir-141 E2F6 hsa-mir-19a Pbx3 hsa-mir-150 CTCF hsa-mir-335 NRSF hsa-mir-20a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-20b NANOG hsa-mir-21 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-569 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-675 E2F6
hsa-let-7g FOSL2 hsa-mir-141 GATA-1 hsa-mir-19a SP1 hsa-mir-150 BCL11A hsa-mir-223 Jun hsa-mir-20a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-20b SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-21 USF-1 hsa-mir-569 c-Myc hsa-mir-675 SETDB1
hsa-let-7g HEY1 hsa-mir-141 GATA-2 hsa-mir-19a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-150 BCL3 hsa-mir-223 GATA2 hsa-mir-20a POU2F2 hsa-mir-20b SMAD3 hsa-mir-21 GR hsa-mir-569 GTF2B hsa-mir-675 CTCF
hsa-mir-198 ERG hsa-mir-141 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-19a TAF1 hsa-mir-150 EBF hsa-mir-223 ETS1 hsa-mir-20a Pbx3 hsa-mir-20b E2F4 hsa-mir-21 BATF hsa-mir-569 SIRT6 hsa-mir-675 EBF
hsa-mir-198 CEBPA hsa-mir-141 CTCF hsa-mir-19a TCF12 hsa-mir-150 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-223 CBP hsa-mir-20a SP1 hsa-mir-20b CDX2 hsa-mir-21 BCL11A hsa-mir-569 c-Jun hsa-mir-675 NRSF
hsa-mir-198 NANOG hsa-mir-141 BATF hsa-mir-19a PU.1 hsa-mir-150 POU2F2 hsa-mir-223 SPI1 hsa-mir-20a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-20b NFKB hsa-mir-21 BCL3 hsa-mir-569 E2F6 hsa-mir-96 ERG
hsa-mir-198 FOXH1 hsa-mir-141 BCL11A hsa-mir-19a FOSL2 hsa-mir-150 PU.1 hsa-mir-223 HNF4A hsa-mir-20a TAF1 hsa-mir-20b Max hsa-mir-21 EBF hsa-mir-569 GATA-2 hsa-mir-96 Myc
hsa-mir-198 CDX2 hsa-mir-141 BCL3 hsa-mir-19a HEY1 hsa-mir-150 Pbx3 hsa-mir-223 NFKB hsa-mir-20a TCF12 hsa-mir-20b E2F6 hsa-mir-21 Egr-1 hsa-mir-569 SETDB1 hsa-mir-96 ETS1
hsa-mir-198 HNF4A hsa-mir-141 EBF hsa-mir-19a p300 hsa-mir-150 TCF12 hsa-mir-223 STAT2 hsa-mir-20a PU.1 hsa-mir-20b TAF1 hsa-mir-21 IRF4 hsa-mir-569 SUZ12 hsa-mir-96 ZNF263
hsa-mir-198 BAF155 hsa-mir-141 IRF4 hsa-mir-19a Egr-1 hsa-mir-150 p300 hsa-mir-223 c-Myc hsa-mir-20a FOSL2 hsa-mir-424 ERG hsa-mir-21 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-569 BATF hsa-mir-96 STAT1
hsa-mir-198 BAF170 hsa-mir-141 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-19a SIX5 hsa-mir-150 TAF1 hsa-mir-223 Brg1 hsa-mir-20a HEY1 hsa-mir-424 Jun hsa-mir-21 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-569 BCL11A hsa-mir-96 OCT4
hsa-mir-198 Ini1 hsa-mir-141 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-19a USF-1 hsa-mir-150 FOSL2 hsa-mir-223 GTF2B hsa-mir-20a p300 hsa-mir-424 Myc hsa-mir-21 POU2F2 hsa-mir-569 EBF hsa-mir-96 NANOG
hsa-mir-198 JunD hsa-mir-141 POU2F2 hsa-mir-18a FoxA1 hsa-mir-150 HEY1 hsa-mir-223 Ini1 hsa-mir-20a Egr-1 hsa-mir-424 CBP hsa-mir-21 Pbx3 hsa-mir-569 IRF4 hsa-mir-96 ERalpha
hsa-mir-198 Max hsa-mir-141 PU.1 hsa-mir-18a ERG hsa-mir-185 ERG hsa-mir-223 NF-YA hsa-mir-20a SIX5 hsa-mir-424 p63 hsa-mir-21 SP1 hsa-mir-569 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-96 SMAD2/3
hsa-mir-198 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-141 Pbx3 hsa-mir-18a Jun hsa-mir-185 Jun hsa-mir-223 NF-YB hsa-mir-20a USF-1 hsa-mir-424 NANOG hsa-mir-21 TAF1 hsa-mir-569 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-96 SMAD3
hsa-mir-198 CEBPB hsa-mir-141 SP1 hsa-mir-18a Fos hsa-mir-185 Fos hsa-mir-223 GATA-2 hsa-mir-345 AR hsa-mir-424 E2F4 hsa-mir-21 TCF12 hsa-mir-569 POU2F2 hsa-mir-96 CDX2
hsa-mir-198 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-141 TCF12 hsa-mir-18a Myc hsa-mir-185 Myc hsa-mir-223 BATF hsa-mir-345 ERG hsa-mir-424 CDX2 hsa-mir-21 p300 hsa-mir-569 PU.1 hsa-mir-96 HNF4A
hsa-mir-198 TAF1 hsa-mir-141 TAF1 hsa-mir-18a GATA1 hsa-mir-185 GATA2 hsa-mir-223 BCL11A hsa-mir-345 Fos hsa-mir-424 HNF4A hsa-mir-21 PU.1 hsa-mir-569 Pbx3 hsa-mir-96 TCF7L2
hsa-mir-198 NRSF hsa-mir-141 GABP hsa-mir-18a STAT1 hsa-mir-185 ZNF263 hsa-mir-223 EBF hsa-mir-345 CBP hsa-mir-424 p68 hsa-mir-21 NRSF hsa-mir-569 SP1 hsa-mir-96 AP-2alpha
hsa-mir-143 Jun hsa-mir-141 FOSL2 hsa-mir-18a ZNF263 hsa-mir-185 ERalpha hsa-mir-223 POU2F2 hsa-mir-345 STAT1 hsa-mir-424 NFKB hsa-mir-21 FOSL2 hsa-mir-569 SRF hsa-mir-96 AP-2gamma
hsa-mir-143 ZNF263 hsa-mir-141 HEY1 hsa-mir-18a NANOG hsa-mir-185 p300 hsa-mir-223 PU.1 hsa-mir-345 NANOG hsa-mir-424 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-21 HEY1 hsa-mir-569 TAF1 hsa-mir-96 BAF155
hsa-mir-143 FOXH1 hsa-mir-141 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-18a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-185 E2F4 hsa-mir-223 Pbx3 hsa-mir-345 ERalpha hsa-mir-424 Max hsa-mir-21 RXRA hsa-mir-569 TCF12 hsa-mir-96 E2F1
hsa-mir-143 CEBPA hsa-mir-141 Egr-1 hsa-mir-18a E2F4 hsa-mir-185 CDX2 hsa-mir-223 SP1 hsa-mir-345 FoxA1 hsa-mir-424 BAF155 hsa-mir-21 SRF hsa-mir-569 GABP hsa-mir-96 HA-E2F1
hsa-mir-143 PPARg hsa-mir-15a FoxA1 hsa-mir-18a CDX2 hsa-mir-185 HNF4A hsa-mir-223 HEY1 hsa-mir-345 p300 hsa-mir-424 BAF170 hsa-mir-21 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-569 Egr-1 hsa-mir-96 Ini1
hsa-mir-143 CDX2 hsa-mir-15a ERG hsa-mir-18a HNF4A hsa-mir-185 Rad21 hsa-mir-223 TAF1 hsa-mir-345 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-424 E2F6 hsa-mir-3615 AR hsa-mir-569 HEY1 hsa-mir-96 Max
hsa-mir-143 HNF4A hsa-mir-15a Jun hsa-mir-18a p68 hsa-mir-185 c-Fos hsa-mir-222 p63 hsa-mir-345 E2F4 hsa-mir-424 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-3615 ERG hsa-mir-572 CEBPA hsa-mir-96 c-Myc
hsa-mir-143 NF-YA hsa-mir-15a Fos hsa-mir-18a NFKB hsa-mir-185 NFKB hsa-mir-222 EWS_ERG hsa-mir-345 CEBPA hsa-mir-424 Ini1 hsa-mir-3615 Jun hsa-mir-572 AR hsa-mir-96 E2F4
hsa-mir-143 NF-YB hsa-mir-15a Myc hsa-mir-18a JunD hsa-mir-185 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-222 AR hsa-mir-345 CDX2 hsa-mir-424 c-Jun hsa-mir-3615 Fos hsa-mir-572 CDX2 hsa-mir-96 E2F6
hsa-mir-143 c-Jun hsa-mir-15a ETS1 hsa-mir-18a Max hsa-mir-185 E2F6 hsa-mir-222 CDX2 hsa-mir-345 GATA6 hsa-mir-424 c-Myc hsa-mir-3615 GATA2 hsa-mir-572 HNF4A hsa-mir-96 SETDB1
hsa-mir-143 GR hsa-mir-15a CBP hsa-mir-18a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-185 Ini1 hsa-mir-222 Rad21 hsa-mir-345 HNF4A hsa-mir-424 GTF2B hsa-mir-3615 ETS1 hsa-mir-93 FoxA1 hsa-mir-96 SUZ12
hsa-mir-143 FOSL2 hsa-mir-15a CEBPA hsa-mir-18a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-185 Max hsa-mir-222 ZZZ3 hsa-mir-345 NFKB hsa-mir-424 YY1 hsa-mir-3615 CBP hsa-mir-93 ERG hsa-mir-96 EBF
hsa-mir-143 JunD hsa-mir-15a ZNF263 hsa-mir-18a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-185 SREBP1 hsa-mir-222 NFKB hsa-mir-345 Rad21 hsa-mir-424 ZNF263 hsa-mir-3615 NANOG hsa-mir-93 AR hsa-mir-96 TAF1
hsa-mir-143 USF-1 hsa-mir-15a NANOG hsa-mir-18a BAF155 hsa-mir-185 c-Myc hsa-mir-222 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-345 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-424 GR hsa-mir-3615 MED12 hsa-mir-93 Jun hsa-mir-96 FOSL2
hsa-mir-1303 AR hsa-mir-15a MED12 hsa-mir-18a BAF170 hsa-mir-185 NF-YA hsa-mir-222 CTCF hsa-mir-345 Max hsa-mir-424 NRSF hsa-mir-3615 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-93 Fos hsa-mir-96 HEY1
hsa-mir-1303 ERG hsa-mir-15a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-18a BDP1 hsa-mir-185 NF-YB hsa-mir-222 GR hsa-mir-345 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-424 TAF1 hsa-mir-3615 SMAD3 hsa-mir-93 Myc hsa-mir-98 c-Jun
hsa-mir-1303 Jun hsa-mir-15a E2F4 hsa-mir-18a Brg1 hsa-mir-185 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-421 STAT1 hsa-mir-345 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-424 HEY1 hsa-mir-3615 SMAD4 hsa-mir-93 ETS1 hsa-mir-98 BRF1
hsa-mir-1303 Fos hsa-mir-15a FOXA2 hsa-mir-18a E2F1 hsa-mir-185 c-Jun hsa-mir-421 CDX2 hsa-mir-345 BAF155 hsa-mir-224 Jun hsa-mir-3615 FOXH1 hsa-mir-93 CBP hsa-mir-940 ERG
hsa-mir-1303 Myc hsa-mir-15a ELF1 hsa-mir-18a E2F6 hsa-mir-185 GATA-2 hsa-mir-421 HNF4A hsa-mir-345 BAF170 hsa-mir-224 Myc hsa-mir-3615 E2F4 hsa-mir-93 ERalpha hsa-mir-940 Jun
hsa-mir-1303 CEBPA hsa-mir-15a SPI1 hsa-mir-18a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-185 SETDB1 hsa-mir-421 NFKB hsa-mir-345 E2F1 hsa-mir-224 p63 hsa-mir-3615 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 STAT1 hsa-mir-940 Myc
hsa-mir-1303 HNF4A hsa-mir-15a CDX2 hsa-mir-18a Ini1 hsa-mir-185 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-421 Rad21 hsa-mir-345 E2F6 hsa-mir-224 E2F4 hsa-mir-3615 p68 hsa-mir-93 ZNF263 hsa-mir-940 ETS1
hsa-mir-1303 STAT1 hsa-mir-15a GATA6 hsa-mir-18a c-Myc hsa-mir-185 SUZ12 hsa-mir-421 YY1 hsa-mir-345 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-224 CDX2 hsa-mir-3615 NFKB hsa-mir-93 OCT4 hsa-mir-940 CBP
hsa-mir-1303 OCT4 hsa-mir-15a HNF4A hsa-mir-18a CEBPB hsa-mir-185 CTCF hsa-mir-421 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-345 Ini1 hsa-mir-224 HNF4A hsa-mir-3615 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-93 p300 hsa-mir-940 STAT1
hsa-mir-1303 NANOG hsa-mir-15a p68 hsa-mir-18a STAT2 hsa-mir-185 EBF hsa-mir-421 BAF155 hsa-mir-345 JunD hsa-mir-224 NFKB hsa-mir-3615 BAF155 hsa-mir-93 MED12 hsa-mir-940 ZNF263
hsa-mir-1303 p300 hsa-mir-15a NFKB hsa-mir-18a GTF2B hsa-mir-185 Pbx3 hsa-mir-421 Brg1 hsa-mir-345 c-Myc hsa-mir-224 Max hsa-mir-3615 BAF170 hsa-mir-93 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-940 NANOG
hsa-mir-1303 MED12 hsa-mir-15a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-18a NELFe hsa-mir-185 SP1 hsa-mir-421 Ini1 hsa-mir-345 CEBPB hsa-mir-224 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-3615 E2F1 hsa-mir-93 SMAD4 hsa-mir-940 MED12
hsa-mir-1303 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-15a Max hsa-mir-18a NF-YA hsa-mir-185 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-421 Max hsa-mir-345 ERRA hsa-mir-224 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-3615 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-93 E2F4 hsa-mir-940 SMAD2/3
hsa-mir-1303 SMAD3 hsa-mir-15a c-Jun hsa-mir-18a NF-YB hsa-mir-185 HEY1 hsa-mir-421 Nrf1 hsa-mir-345 SREBP1 hsa-mir-224 BAF155 hsa-mir-3615 Ini1 hsa-mir-93 SPDEF hsa-mir-940 E2F4
hsa-mir-1303 SMAD4 hsa-mir-15a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-18a c-Fos hsa-mir-185 PU.1 hsa-mir-421 c-Myc hsa-mir-345 NF-YA hsa-mir-224 BAF170 hsa-mir-3615 c-Myc hsa-mir-93 ELF1 hsa-mir-940 ELF1
hsa-mir-1303 E2F4 hsa-mir-15a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-18a c-Jun hsa-mir-185 TAF1 hsa-mir-421 c-Jun hsa-mir-345 NF-YB hsa-mir-224 Brg1 hsa-mir-3615 SREBP1 hsa-mir-93 CDX2 hsa-mir-940 CDX2
hsa-mir-1303 SPI1 hsa-mir-15a BAF155 hsa-mir-18a GATA-1 hsa-let-7b ZNF711 hsa-mir-421 E2F4 hsa-mir-345 c-Fos hsa-mir-224 E2F1 hsa-mir-3615 SREBP2 hsa-mir-93 GATA6 hsa-mir-940 HNF4A
hsa-mir-1303 CDX2 hsa-mir-15a BAF170 hsa-mir-18a SETDB1 hsa-let-7b AR hsa-mir-421 E2F6 hsa-mir-345 CTCF hsa-mir-224 E2F6 hsa-mir-3615 Brg1 hsa-mir-93 HNF4A hsa-mir-940 p68
hsa-mir-1303 GATA6 hsa-mir-15a Brg1 hsa-mir-18a YY1 hsa-let-7b ERG hsa-mir-421 ZNF263 hsa-mir-345 GR hsa-mir-224 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-3615 NF-YA hsa-mir-93 p68 hsa-mir-940 NFKB
hsa-mir-1303 p68 hsa-mir-15a E2F1 hsa-mir-18a BATF hsa-let-7b Myc hsa-mir-421 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-345 EBF hsa-mir-224 Ini1 hsa-mir-3615 NF-YB hsa-mir-93 NFKB hsa-mir-940 ZZZ3
hsa-mir-1303 NFKB hsa-mir-15a E2F6 hsa-mir-18a BCL11A hsa-let-7b GATA2 hsa-mir-421 CTCF hsa-mir-345 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-224 c-Myc hsa-mir-3615 c-Fos hsa-mir-93 c-Fos hsa-mir-940 TCF7L2
hsa-mir-1303 Max hsa-mir-15a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-18a EBF hsa-let-7b STAT1 hsa-mir-421 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-345 Pbx3 hsa-mir-224 NELFe hsa-mir-3615 E2F6 hsa-mir-93 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-940 Max
hsa-mir-1303 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-15a Ini1 hsa-mir-18a IRF4 hsa-let-7b p63 hsa-mir-421 POU2F2 hsa-mir-345 SP1 hsa-mir-224 SETDB1 hsa-mir-3615 GATA-2 hsa-mir-93 Max hsa-mir-940 c-Jun
hsa-mir-1303 BAF155 hsa-mir-15a JunD hsa-mir-18a PAX5-C20 hsa-let-7b MED12 hsa-mir-421 TCF12 hsa-mir-345 TCF12 hsa-mir-224 ZNF263 hsa-mir-3615 ZNF263 hsa-mir-93 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-940 AP-2alpha
hsa-mir-1303 BAF170 hsa-mir-15a c-Myc hsa-mir-18a PAX5-N19 hsa-let-7b CEBPA hsa-mir-421 TAF1 hsa-mir-345 PU.1 hsa-mir-224 TCF12 hsa-mir-3615 CTCF hsa-mir-93 BAF155 hsa-mir-940 AP-2gamma
hsa-mir-1303 Brg1 hsa-mir-15a CEBPB hsa-mir-18a POU2F2 hsa-let-7b PPARg hsa-mir-421 NRSF hsa-mir-345 TAF1 hsa-mir-224 TAF1 hsa-mir-3615 NRSF hsa-mir-93 Brg1 hsa-mir-940 BAF155
hsa-mir-1303 E2F6 hsa-mir-15a STAT2 hsa-mir-18a Pbx3 hsa-let-7b E2F4 hsa-mir-421 HEY1 hsa-mir-345 HEY1 hsa-mir-224 FOSL2 hsa-mir-3615 EBF hsa-mir-93 E2F1 hsa-mir-940 BAF170
hsa-mir-1303 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-15a NF-YA hsa-mir-18a SP1 hsa-let-7b CDX2 hsa-mir-421 SRF hsa-mir-345 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-224 HEY1 hsa-mir-3615 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-93 E2F6 hsa-mir-940 Brg1
hsa-mir-1303 Ini1 hsa-mir-15a NF-YB hsa-mir-18a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-let-7b GATA6 hsa-mir-320a ERG hsa-mir-345 NRSF hsa-mir-224 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-3615 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-93 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-940 E2F1
hsa-mir-1303 JunD hsa-mir-15a c-Fos hsa-mir-18a TAF1 hsa-let-7b HNF4A hsa-mir-320a Jun hsa-mir-429 AR hsa-mir-224 PU.1 hsa-mir-3615 POU2F2 hsa-mir-93 Ini1 hsa-mir-940 E2F6
hsa-mir-1303 RPC155 hsa-mir-15a SETDB1 hsa-mir-18a TCF12 hsa-let-7b p68 hsa-mir-320a Myc hsa-mir-429 ERG hsa-mir-30d AR hsa-mir-3615 PU.1 hsa-mir-93 RPC155 hsa-mir-940 HA-E2F1
hsa-mir-1303 c-Fos hsa-mir-15a SUZ12 hsa-mir-18a PU.1 hsa-let-7b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-320a ETS1 hsa-mir-429 p63 hsa-mir-30d STAT1 hsa-mir-3615 SP1 hsa-mir-93 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-940 Ini1
hsa-mir-1303 c-Jun hsa-mir-15a USF-1 hsa-mir-18a FOSL2 hsa-let-7b Max hsa-mir-320a CBP hsa-mir-429 MED12 hsa-mir-30d FoxA1 hsa-mir-3615 TAF1 hsa-mir-93 c-Myc hsa-mir-940 Nrf1
hsa-mir-1303 c-Myc hsa-mir-15a NRSF hsa-mir-18a HEY1 hsa-let-7b Brg1 hsa-mir-320a STAT1 hsa-mir-429 CDX2 hsa-mir-30d E2F4 hsa-mir-3615 TCF12 hsa-mir-93 CEBPB hsa-mir-940 TR4
hsa-mir-1303 CEBPB hsa-mir-15a BATF hsa-mir-18a p300 hsa-let-7b E2F6 hsa-mir-320a OCT4 hsa-mir-429 HNF4A hsa-mir-30d CDX2 hsa-mir-3615 FOSL2 hsa-mir-93 SREBP1 hsa-mir-940 c-Myc
hsa-mir-1303 HSF1 hsa-mir-15a BCL11A hsa-mir-18a Egr-1 hsa-let-7b Ini1 hsa-mir-320a NANOG hsa-mir-429 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-30d GATA6 hsa-mir-3615 HEY1 hsa-mir-93 TR4 hsa-mir-940 CEBPB
hsa-mir-1303 PGC1A hsa-mir-15a EBF hsa-mir-18a SIX5 hsa-let-7b c-Myc hsa-mir-320a p300 hsa-mir-429 EBF hsa-mir-30d HNF4A hsa-mir-3615 JunD hsa-mir-93 STAT2 hsa-mir-940 ERRA
hsa-mir-1303 STAT2 hsa-mir-15a IRF4 hsa-mir-18a USF-1 hsa-let-7b GTF2B hsa-mir-320a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-429 FOSL2 hsa-mir-30d TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-3615 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-93 ATF3 hsa-mir-940 GRp20
hsa-mir-1303 NF-E2 hsa-mir-15a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-17 FoxA1 hsa-let-7b NF-YB hsa-mir-320a ELF1 hsa-mir-429 HEY1 hsa-mir-23b ERG hsa-mir-3615 p300 hsa-mir-93 GTF2B hsa-mir-940 HSF1
hsa-mir-1303 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-15a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-17 ERG hsa-let-7b GATA-2 hsa-mir-320a SPI1 hsa-mir-429 JunD hsa-mir-23b Jun hsa-mir-494 STAT1 hsa-mir-93 NF-E2 hsa-mir-940 STAT2
hsa-mir-1303 SETDB1 hsa-mir-15a PU.1 hsa-mir-17 Jun hsa-let-7b SETDB1 hsa-mir-320a E2F4 hsa-mir-429 USF-1 hsa-mir-23b Fos hsa-mir-494 CEBPA hsa-mir-93 NF-YA hsa-mir-940 ATF3
hsa-mir-1303 ZNF263 hsa-mir-15a SP1 hsa-mir-17 Fos hsa-let-7b YY1 hsa-mir-320a CDX2 hsa-mir-214 p63 hsa-mir-23b Myc hsa-mir-494 EWS_ERG hsa-mir-93 NF-YB hsa-mir-940 JunD
hsa-mir-1303 YY1 hsa-mir-15a TCF12 hsa-mir-17 Myc hsa-let-7b ZNF263 hsa-mir-320a HNF4A hsa-mir-214 EWS_ERG hsa-mir-23b ETS1 hsa-mir-494 CDX2 hsa-mir-93 c-Jun hsa-mir-940 NELFe
hsa-mir-1303 CTCF hsa-mir-15a POU2F2 hsa-mir-17 GATA1 hsa-let-7b GR hsa-mir-320a p68 hsa-mir-214 GATA6 hsa-mir-23b CBP hsa-mir-494 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 SETDB1 hsa-mir-940 NF-YA
hsa-mir-1303 USF-1 hsa-mir-15a TAF1 hsa-mir-17 STAT1 hsa-let-7b NRSF hsa-mir-320a NFKB hsa-mir-214 HNF4A hsa-mir-23b HNF4A hsa-mir-433 CDX2 hsa-mir-93 YY1 hsa-mir-940 NF-YB
hsa-mir-1303 GR hsa-mir-15a GABP hsa-mir-17 ZNF263 hsa-let-7b EBF hsa-mir-320a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-214 c-Jun hsa-mir-23b STAT1 hsa-mir-433 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 USF-1 hsa-mir-940 SETDB1
hsa-mir-1303 BATF hsa-mir-15a BHLHE40 hsa-mir-17 NANOG hsa-let-7b GABP hsa-mir-320a Max hsa-mir-214 NRSF hsa-mir-23b NANOG hsa-mir-433 SETDB1 hsa-mir-93 GR hsa-mir-940 YY1
hsa-mir-1303 EBF hsa-mir-15a FOSL2 hsa-mir-17 SMAD2/3 hsa-let-7b TAF1 hsa-mir-320a BAF155 hsa-mir-217 FoxA1 hsa-mir-23b SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-433 BCL3 hsa-mir-93 BATF hsa-mir-940 USF-1
hsa-mir-1303 IRF4 hsa-mir-15a HEY1 hsa-mir-17 E2F4 hsa-let-7b Egr-1 hsa-mir-320a BAF170 hsa-mir-217 E2F4 hsa-mir-23b ELF1 hsa-mir-433 Pbx3 hsa-mir-93 BCL11A hsa-mir-940 NRSF
hsa-mir-1303 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-15a RXRA hsa-mir-17 CDX2 hsa-let-7b HEY1 hsa-mir-320a Brg1 hsa-mir-217 CDX2 hsa-mir-23b SPI1 hsa-mir-370 CDX2 hsa-mir-93 BCL3 hsa-mir-940 BATF
hsa-mir-1303 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-15a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-17 HNF4A hsa-mir-155 STAT1 hsa-mir-320a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-217 GATA6 hsa-mir-23b E2F4 hsa-mir-370 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 EBF hsa-mir-940 BCL11A
hsa-mir-1303 POU2F2 hsa-mir-15a p300 hsa-mir-17 p68 hsa-mir-155 NANOG hsa-mir-320a Ini1 hsa-mir-217 HNF4A hsa-mir-23b GATA6 hsa-mir-370 SETDB1 hsa-mir-93 GABP hsa-mir-940 BCL3
hsa-mir-1303 SP1 hsa-mir-200b AR hsa-mir-17 NFKB hsa-mir-155 SPI1 hsa-mir-320a c-Myc hsa-mir-217 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-23b NFKB hsa-mir-370 BCL3 hsa-mir-93 IRF4 hsa-mir-940 EBF
hsa-mir-1303 TCF12 hsa-mir-200b ERG hsa-mir-17 JunD hsa-mir-155 E2F4 hsa-mir-320a CEBPB hsa-mir-216a FoxA1 hsa-mir-23b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-370 Pbx3 hsa-mir-93 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-940 IRF4
hsa-mir-1303 TAF1 hsa-mir-200b p63 hsa-mir-17 Max hsa-mir-155 CDX2 hsa-mir-320a GRp20 hsa-mir-216a E2F4 hsa-mir-23b Max hsa-mir-372 OCT4 hsa-mir-93 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-940 PAX5-C20
hsa-mir-1303 FOSL2 hsa-mir-200b MED12 hsa-mir-17 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-155 GATA6 hsa-mir-320a SREBP1 hsa-mir-216a CDX2 hsa-mir-23b c-Jun hsa-mir-372 NANOG hsa-mir-93 POU2F2 hsa-mir-940 PAX5-N19
hsa-mir-1303 HEY1 hsa-mir-200b CDX2 hsa-mir-17 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-155 HNF4A hsa-mir-320a SREBP2 hsa-mir-216a GATA6 hsa-mir-23b BAF155 hsa-mir-372 GATA6 hsa-mir-93 PU.1 hsa-mir-940 POU2F2
hsa-mir-1303 RXRA hsa-mir-200b HNF4A hsa-mir-17 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-155 NFKB hsa-mir-320a TR4 hsa-mir-216a HNF4A hsa-mir-23b BAF170 hsa-mir-372 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 Pbx3 hsa-mir-940 SP1
hsa-mir-1303 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-200b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-17 BAF155 hsa-mir-155 Rad21 hsa-mir-320a c-Jun hsa-mir-216a TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-23b Ini1 hsa-mir-373 OCT4 hsa-mir-93 SP1 hsa-mir-940 Sin3Ak-20
hsa-mir-1303 PU.1 hsa-mir-200b EBF hsa-mir-17 BAF170 hsa-mir-155 Max hsa-mir-320a GTF2B hsa-mir-302b NANOG hsa-mir-23b JunD hsa-mir-373 NANOG hsa-mir-93 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-940 TAF1
hsa-mir-1303 NRSF hsa-mir-200b FOSL2 hsa-mir-17 BDP1 hsa-mir-155 c-Jun hsa-mir-320a NELFe hsa-mir-302b GATA6 hsa-mir-23b Nrf1 hsa-mir-373 GATA6 hsa-mir-93 TAF1 hsa-mir-940 TCF12
hsa-mir-1303 FOXP2 hsa-mir-200b HEY1 hsa-mir-17 Brg1 hsa-mir-155 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-320a TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-302b HNF4A hsa-mir-23b TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-373 HNF4A hsa-mir-93 TCF12 hsa-mir-940 PU.1
hsa-mir-146a ETS1 hsa-mir-200b JunD hsa-mir-17 E2F1 hsa-mir-155 BATF hsa-mir-320a E2F6 hsa-mir-302b TAF1 hsa-mir-23b c-Myc hsa-mir-760 ZNF711 hsa-mir-93 NRSF hsa-mir-940 GABP
hsa-mir-146a CBP hsa-mir-200b USF-1 hsa-mir-17 E2F6 hsa-mir-155 BCL11A hsa-mir-320a SETDB1 hsa-mir-302a NANOG hsa-mir-23b CEBPB hsa-mir-760 ERG hsa-mir-93 FOSL2 hsa-mir-940 FOSL2
hsa-mir-146a STAT1 hsa-mir-137 ERG hsa-mir-17 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-155 BCL3 hsa-mir-320a YY1 hsa-mir-302a GATA6 hsa-mir-23b GRp20 hsa-mir-760 Myc hsa-mir-93 HEY1 hsa-mir-940 HEY1
hsa-mir-146a GATA6 hsa-mir-137 ERbeta hsa-mir-17 Ini1 hsa-mir-155 EBF hsa-mir-320a ZNF263 hsa-mir-302a HNF4A hsa-mir-23b TR4 hsa-mir-760 ETS1 hsa-mir-93 JunD hsa-mir-940 p300
hsa-mir-146a HNF4A hsa-mir-137 STAT1 hsa-mir-17 c-Myc hsa-mir-155 IRF4 hsa-mir-320a USF-1 hsa-mir-302a TAF1 hsa-mir-23b ATF3 hsa-mir-760 CBP hsa-mir-93 RXRA hsa-mir-633 FoxA1
hsa-mir-146a NFKB hsa-mir-137 ZNF263 hsa-mir-17 CEBPB hsa-mir-155 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-320a NRSF hsa-mir-449a ERG hsa-mir-23b c-Fos hsa-mir-760 CEBPA hsa-mir-93 FOXP2 hsa-mir-633 ERG
hsa-mir-146a Max hsa-mir-137 OCT4 hsa-mir-17 STAT2 hsa-mir-155 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-320a GABP hsa-mir-449a Jun hsa-mir-23b E2F6 hsa-mir-760 STAT1 hsa-mir-595 ERG hsa-mir-633 EWS_ERG
hsa-mir-146a c-Jun hsa-mir-137 NANOG hsa-mir-17 GTF2B hsa-mir-155 POU2F2 hsa-mir-320a IRF4 hsa-mir-449a ETS1 hsa-mir-23b SETDB1 hsa-mir-760 ZNF263 hsa-mir-595 AR hsa-mir-633 GATA6
hsa-mir-146a BAF155 hsa-mir-137 FoxA1 hsa-mir-17 NELFe hsa-mir-155 PU.1 hsa-mir-320a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-449a NANOG hsa-mir-23b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-760 ERalpha hsa-mir-595 ERalpha hsa-mir-633 HNF4A
hsa-mir-146a BAF170 hsa-mir-137 E2F4 hsa-mir-17 NF-YA hsa-mir-155 Pbx3 hsa-mir-320a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-449a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-23b USF-1 hsa-mir-760 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-595 Jun hsa-mir-633 BRF1
hsa-mir-146a Brg1 hsa-mir-137 CDX2 hsa-mir-17 NF-YB hsa-mir-155 SP1 hsa-mir-320a POU2F2 hsa-mir-449a E2F4 hsa-mir-23b NRSF hsa-mir-760 E2F4 hsa-mir-595 SPDEF hsa-mir-657 ZNF711
hsa-mir-146a JunD hsa-mir-137 Rad21 hsa-mir-17 c-Fos hsa-mir-155 TAF1 hsa-mir-320a PU.1 hsa-mir-449a EWS_ERG hsa-mir-23b BATF hsa-mir-760 CDX2 hsa-mir-595 CDX2 hsa-mir-657 AR
hsa-mir-146a Nrf1 hsa-mir-137 TR4 hsa-mir-17 c-Jun hsa-mir-155 TCF12 hsa-mir-320a Pbx3 hsa-mir-449a CDX2 hsa-mir-23b BCL11A hsa-mir-760 GATA6 hsa-mir-595 HNF4A hsa-mir-657 ERG
hsa-mir-146a c-Fos hsa-mir-137 ZZZ3 hsa-mir-17 GATA-1 hsa-mir-155 p300 hsa-mir-320a SP1 hsa-mir-449a GATA6 hsa-mir-23b BCL3 hsa-mir-760 HNF4A hsa-mir-595 ERbeta hsa-mir-657 OCT4
hsa-mir-146a CEBPB hsa-mir-137 NFKB hsa-mir-17 SETDB1 hsa-mir-155 FOSL2 hsa-mir-320a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-449a HNF4A hsa-mir-23b EBF hsa-mir-760 p68 hsa-mir-595 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-657 EWS_ERG
hsa-mir-146a HSF1 hsa-mir-137 c-Jun hsa-mir-17 YY1 hsa-mir-155 JunD hsa-mir-320a TAF1 hsa-mir-449a NFKB hsa-mir-23b IRF4 hsa-mir-760 NFKB hsa-mir-595 CEBPB hsa-mir-657 CDX2
hsa-mir-146a SREBP2 hsa-mir-137 Ini1 hsa-mir-17 BATF hsa-mir-34a ERG hsa-mir-320a TCF12 hsa-mir-449a Rad21 hsa-mir-23b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-760 Rad21 hsa-mir-595 PGC1A hsa-mir-657 HNF4A
hsa-mir-146a BATF hsa-mir-137 CTCF hsa-mir-17 BCL11A hsa-mir-34a p63 hsa-mir-320a FOSL2 hsa-mir-449a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-23b PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-760 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-595 E2F4 hsa-mir-657 TR4
hsa-mir-146a BCL11A hsa-mir-137 EBF hsa-mir-17 EBF hsa-mir-34a NANOG hsa-mir-320a HEY1 hsa-mir-449a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-23b POU2F2 hsa-mir-760 Max hsa-mir-595 E2F6 hsa-mir-657 BCL3
hsa-mir-146a BCL3 hsa-mir-137 NRSF hsa-mir-17 IRF4 hsa-mir-34a FoxA1 hsa-mir-320a JunD hsa-mir-449a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-23b PU.1 hsa-mir-760 c-Jun hsa-mir-595 ZNF263 hsa-mir-657 HEY1
hsa-mir-146a EBF hsa-mir-137 TAF1 hsa-mir-17 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-34a p300 hsa-mir-320a SIX5 hsa-mir-449a BAF155 hsa-mir-23b SP1 hsa-mir-760 BAF155 hsa-mir-595 SUZ12 hsa-mir-657 RXRA
hsa-mir-146a IRF4 hsa-mir-145 Jun hsa-mir-17 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-34a MED12 hsa-mir-31 STAT1 hsa-mir-449a BAF170 hsa-mir-23b Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-760 BAF170 hsa-mir-595 NRSF hsa-mir-657 Sin3Ak-20
hsa-mir-146a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-145 ZNF263 hsa-mir-17 POU2F2 hsa-mir-34a PPARg hsa-mir-31 NANOG hsa-mir-449a BRF1 hsa-mir-23b TCF12 hsa-mir-760 Brg1 hsa-mir-595 FOSL2 hsa-mir-657 TAF1
hsa-mir-146a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-145 FOXH1 hsa-mir-17 Pbx3 hsa-mir-34a E2F4 hsa-mir-31 ERalpha hsa-mir-449a E2F1 hsa-mir-23b TAF1 hsa-mir-760 E2F1 hsa-mir-595 HEY1 hsa-mir-657 p300
hsa-mir-146a POU2F2 hsa-mir-145 CEBPA hsa-mir-17 SP1 hsa-mir-34a CDX2 hsa-mir-31 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-449a E2F6 hsa-mir-23b GABP hsa-mir-760 E2F6 hsa-mir-595 JunD hsa-mir-639 ERG
hsa-mir-146a PU.1 hsa-mir-145 PPARg hsa-mir-17 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-34a GATA6 hsa-mir-31 E2F4 hsa-mir-449a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-23b BHLHE40 hsa-mir-760 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-595 RXRA hsa-mir-639 Jun
hsa-mir-146a Pbx3 hsa-mir-145 CDX2 hsa-mir-17 TAF1 hsa-mir-34a HNF4A hsa-mir-31 CDX2 hsa-mir-449a Ini1 hsa-mir-23b FOSL2 hsa-mir-760 Ini1 hsa-mir-595 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-639 Fos
hsa-mir-146a SP1 hsa-mir-145 HNF4A hsa-mir-17 TCF12 hsa-mir-34a p68 hsa-mir-31 HNF4A hsa-mir-449a Max hsa-mir-23b HEY1 hsa-mir-760 JunD hsa-mir-595 TAF1 hsa-mir-639 GATA2
hsa-mir-146a TAF1 hsa-mir-145 NF-YA hsa-mir-17 PU.1 hsa-mir-34a NFKB hsa-mir-31 p68 hsa-mir-449a c-Myc hsa-mir-23b p300 hsa-mir-760 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-595 p300 hsa-mir-639 ETS1
hsa-mir-146a TCF12 hsa-mir-145 NF-YB hsa-mir-17 FOSL2 hsa-mir-34a Rad21 hsa-mir-31 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-449a NF-YA hsa-mir-208a ERalpha hsa-mir-760 c-Myc hsa-mir-661 AR hsa-mir-639 CBP
hsa-mir-146a p300 hsa-mir-145 c-Jun hsa-mir-17 HEY1 hsa-mir-34a TCF7L2 hsa-mir-31 AP-2alpha hsa-mir-449a NF-YB hsa-mir-208a CDX2 hsa-mir-760 CEBPB hsa-mir-661 ERG hsa-mir-639 CEBPA
hsa-mir-146a BHLHE40 hsa-mir-145 GR hsa-mir-17 p300 hsa-mir-34a BAF155 hsa-mir-31 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-449a TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-208a GATA6 hsa-mir-760 HSF1 hsa-mir-661 Jun hsa-mir-639 STAT1
hsa-mir-146a HEY1 hsa-mir-145 FOSL2 hsa-mir-17 Egr-1 hsa-mir-34a BAF170 hsa-mir-31 E2F1 hsa-mir-449a SETDB1 hsa-mir-208a HNF4A hsa-mir-760 GTF2B hsa-mir-661 Myc hsa-mir-639 p63
hsa-mir-146a RXRA hsa-mir-145 JunD hsa-mir-17 SIX5 hsa-mir-34a Brg1 hsa-mir-31 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-449a ZNF263 hsa-mir-208a NFKB hsa-mir-760 NELFe hsa-mir-661 ETS1 hsa-mir-639 NANOG
hsa-mir-146a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-145 USF-1 hsa-mir-17 USF-1 hsa-mir-34a Ini1 hsa-mir-31 Ini1 hsa-mir-449a CTCF hsa-mir-208a EBF hsa-mir-760 SETDB1 hsa-mir-661 CBP hsa-mir-639 E2F4
hsa-mir-146a USF-1 hsa-mir-133b BATF hsa-mir-193b AR hsa-mir-34a CEBPB hsa-mir-31 JunD hsa-mir-449a EBF hsa-mir-3929 FoxA1 hsa-mir-760 CTCF hsa-mir-661 NANOG hsa-mir-639 PPARg
hsa-let-7d HNF4A hsa-mir-133b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-193b Jun hsa-mir-34a SREBP1 hsa-mir-31 GR hsa-mir-449a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-3929 ERG hsa-mir-760 NRSF hsa-mir-661 ERalpha hsa-mir-639 CDX2
hsa-let-7d NFKB hsa-mir-106b FoxA1 hsa-mir-193b Myc hsa-mir-34a ZNF263 hsa-mir-31 TCF12 hsa-mir-449a POU2F2 hsa-mir-3929 Jun hsa-mir-760 BCL11A hsa-mir-661 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-639 GATA6
hsa-let-7d JunD hsa-mir-106b ERG hsa-mir-193b STAT1 hsa-mir-34a CTCF hsa-mir-31 TAF1 hsa-mir-449a PU.1 hsa-mir-3929 ERalpha hsa-mir-760 BCL3 hsa-mir-661 SPI1 hsa-mir-639 HNF4A
hsa-let-7d c-Jun hsa-mir-106b AR hsa-mir-193b NANOG hsa-mir-34a BCL3 hsa-mir-346 ERG hsa-mir-449a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-3929 AR hsa-mir-760 EBF hsa-mir-661 E2F4 hsa-mir-639 p68
hsa-let-7d BDP1 hsa-mir-106b Jun hsa-mir-193b ERalpha hsa-mir-34a EBF hsa-mir-346 ERbeta hsa-mir-449a HEY1 hsa-mir-3929 E2F4 hsa-mir-760 IRF4 hsa-mir-661 CDX2 hsa-mir-639 NFKB
hsa-let-7d TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-106b Fos hsa-mir-193b p300 hsa-mir-34a PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-346 E2F4 hsa-mir-30a ERG hsa-mir-3929 BDP1 hsa-mir-760 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-661 HNF4A hsa-mir-639 c-Fos
hsa-let-7d Ini1 hsa-mir-106b Myc hsa-mir-193b SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-34a PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-346 CDX2 hsa-mir-30a STAT1 hsa-mir-3929 JunD hsa-mir-760 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-661 p68 hsa-mir-639 TCF7L2
hsa-let-7d BATF hsa-mir-106b ETS1 hsa-mir-193b SMAD4 hsa-mir-34a POU2F2 hsa-mir-346 HNF4A hsa-mir-30a NANOG hsa-mir-3929 RPC155 hsa-mir-760 POU2F2 hsa-mir-661 NFKB hsa-mir-639 AP-2alpha
hsa-let-7d BCL11A hsa-mir-106b CBP hsa-mir-193b FOXH1 hsa-mir-34a PU.1 hsa-mir-346 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-30a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-3929 c-Jun hsa-mir-760 SP1 hsa-mir-661 Rad21 hsa-mir-639 AP-2gamma
hsa-let-7d BCL3 hsa-mir-106b ERalpha hsa-mir-193b CEBPA hsa-mir-34a Pbx3 hsa-mir-346 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-30a FOXH1 hsa-mir-3929 CEBPB hsa-mir-760 TCF12 hsa-mir-661 TR4 hsa-mir-639 BAF155
hsa-let-7d IRF4 hsa-mir-106b STAT1 hsa-mir-193b E2F4 hsa-mir-34a TCF12 hsa-mir-346 SUZ12 hsa-mir-30a E2F4 hsa-mir-3929 GR hsa-mir-760 TAF1 hsa-mir-661 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-639 BAF170
hsa-let-7d PU.1 hsa-mir-106b ZNF263 hsa-mir-193b CDX2 hsa-mir-34a TAF1 hsa-mir-346 USF-1 hsa-mir-30a CDX2 hsa-mir-3929 BATF hsa-mir-760 FOSL2 hsa-mir-661 Max hsa-mir-639 E2F1
hsa-let-7d Pbx3 hsa-mir-106b OCT4 hsa-mir-193b GATA6 hsa-mir-34a HEY1 hsa-mir-346 BCL3 hsa-mir-30a HNF4A hsa-mir-3929 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-760 HEY1 hsa-mir-661 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-639 HA-E2F1
hsa-let-7d FOSL2 hsa-mir-106b p300 hsa-mir-193b HNF4A hsa-mir-34a Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-34b FoxA1 hsa-mir-30a p68 hsa-mir-3929 FOSL2 hsa-mir-760 Egr-1 hsa-mir-661 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-639 Ini1
hsa-mir-126 CDX2 hsa-mir-106b MED12 hsa-mir-193b NFKB hsa-mir-375 FoxA1 hsa-mir-34b p63 hsa-mir-30a AP-2alpha hsa-mir-3929 PU.1 hsa-mir-760 FOXP2 hsa-mir-661 Ini1 hsa-mir-639 Nrf1
hsa-mir-126 HNF4A hsa-mir-106b SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-193b Rad21 hsa-mir-375 AR hsa-mir-34b CDX2 hsa-mir-30a AP-2gamma hsa-mir-298 p300 hsa-mir-942 ERG hsa-mir-661 c-Myc hsa-mir-639 CEBPB
hsa-mir-126 p68 hsa-mir-106b SMAD4 hsa-mir-193b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-375 ERG hsa-mir-34b HNF4A hsa-mir-30a BAF155 hsa-mir-298 E2F4 hsa-mir-942 Jun hsa-mir-661 CEBPB hsa-mir-639 SREBP1
hsa-mir-126 c-Jun hsa-mir-106b E2F4 hsa-mir-193b Max hsa-mir-375 HNF4A hsa-mir-210 ERG hsa-mir-30a BAF170 hsa-mir-298 CDX2 hsa-mir-942 Fos hsa-mir-661 ERRA hsa-mir-639 SREBP2
hsa-mir-126 EBF hsa-mir-106b SPDEF hsa-mir-193b AP-2alpha hsa-mir-375 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-210 ERalpha hsa-mir-30a BRF2 hsa-mir-298 GATA6 hsa-mir-942 Myc hsa-mir-661 E2F6 hsa-mir-639 c-Jun
hsa-mir-126 PU.1 hsa-mir-106b ELF1 hsa-mir-193b BAF155 hsa-mir-375 SMAD4 hsa-mir-210 Jun hsa-mir-30a Brg1 hsa-mir-298 HNF4A hsa-mir-942 ETS1 hsa-mir-661 SETDB1 hsa-mir-639 c-Myc
hsa-mir-126 FOSL2 hsa-mir-106b CDX2 hsa-mir-193b BAF170 hsa-mir-375 SPDEF hsa-mir-210 Fos hsa-mir-30a E2F1 hsa-mir-298 Rad21 hsa-mir-942 CBP hsa-mir-661 SUZ12 hsa-mir-639 NF-YA
hsa-mir-126 USF-1 hsa-mir-106b GATA6 hsa-mir-193b Brg1 hsa-mir-375 CDX2 hsa-mir-210 Myc hsa-mir-30a HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-298 BATF hsa-mir-942 STAT1 hsa-mir-661 CTCF hsa-mir-639 NF-YB
hsa-mir-126 FOXP2 hsa-mir-106b HNF4A hsa-mir-193b E2F1 hsa-mir-375 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-210 ETS1 hsa-mir-30a Ini1 hsa-mir-298 BCL11A hsa-mir-942 NANOG hsa-mir-661 GR hsa-mir-639 RPC155
hsa-mir-204 NANOG hsa-mir-106b p68 hsa-mir-193b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-375 Rad21 hsa-mir-210 CBP hsa-mir-30a c-Fos hsa-mir-298 Pbx3 hsa-mir-942 E2F4 hsa-mir-661 NRSF hsa-mir-639 TFIIIC-110
hsa-mir-204 TAF1 hsa-mir-106b NFKB hsa-mir-193b Ini1 hsa-mir-375 E2F6 hsa-mir-210 ERbeta hsa-mir-30a TCF12 hsa-mir-298 TCF12 hsa-mir-942 ELF1 hsa-mir-661 BATF hsa-mir-639 E2F6
hsa-mir-107 Fos hsa-mir-106b c-Fos hsa-mir-193b JunD hsa-mir-375 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-210 HNF4A hsa-mir-30a TAF1 hsa-mir-298 NRSF hsa-mir-942 CDX2 hsa-mir-661 BCL11A hsa-mir-639 GATA-2
hsa-mir-107 CBP hsa-mir-106b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-193b RPC155 hsa-mir-375 SUZ12 hsa-mir-210 p300 hsa-mir-30a GABP hsa-mir-301b ERG hsa-mir-942 HNF4A hsa-mir-661 BCL3 hsa-mir-639 USF-1
hsa-mir-107 CEBPA hsa-mir-106b Max hsa-mir-193b c-Myc hsa-mir-375 CTCF hsa-mir-210 MED12 hsa-mir-489 CEBPA hsa-mir-301b Jun hsa-mir-942 p68 hsa-mir-661 EBF hsa-mir-639 BCL3
hsa-mir-107 HNF4A hsa-mir-106b AP-2gamma hsa-mir-193b E2F6 hsa-mir-375 TCF12 hsa-mir-210 E2F4 hsa-mir-489 FOXH1 hsa-mir-301b Fos hsa-mir-942 NFKB hsa-mir-661 IRF4 hsa-mir-639 PAX5-C20
hsa-mir-107 STAT1 hsa-mir-106b BAF155 hsa-mir-193b ZNF263 hsa-mir-375 TAF1 hsa-mir-210 CDX2 hsa-mir-489 FOXA2 hsa-mir-301b Myc hsa-mir-942 Rad21 hsa-mir-661 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-639 PAX5-N19
hsa-mir-107 FoxA1 hsa-mir-106b Brg1 hsa-mir-193b SUZ12 hsa-mir-375 NRSF hsa-mir-210 GATA6 hsa-mir-489 CDX2 hsa-mir-301b GATA2 hsa-mir-942 c-Fos hsa-mir-661 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-639 POU2F2
hsa-mir-107 CDX2 hsa-mir-106b E2F1 hsa-mir-193b CTCF hsa-mir-375 FOSL2 hsa-mir-210 NFKB hsa-mir-489 GATA6 hsa-mir-301b ETS1 hsa-mir-942 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-661 POU2F2 hsa-mir-639 Pbx3
hsa-mir-107 NFKB hsa-mir-106b E2F6 hsa-mir-193b USF-1 hsa-mir-375 JunD hsa-mir-210 c-Fos hsa-mir-489 HNF4A hsa-mir-301b CBP hsa-mir-942 Max hsa-mir-661 PU.1 hsa-mir-639 SP1
hsa-mir-107 Max hsa-mir-106b HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-193b GR hsa-mir-375 RXRA hsa-mir-210 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-489 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-301b ZNF263 hsa-mir-942 BAF155 hsa-mir-661 SP1 hsa-mir-639 TAF1
hsa-mir-107 BAF155 hsa-mir-106b Ini1 hsa-mir-193b BCL11A hsa-mir-375 p300 hsa-mir-210 AP-2gamma hsa-mir-489 Ini1 hsa-mir-301b OCT4 hsa-mir-942 BAF170 hsa-mir-661 TCF12 hsa-mir-639 TCF12
hsa-mir-107 c-Myc hsa-mir-106b RPC155 hsa-mir-193b EBF hsa-mir-375 Egr-1 hsa-mir-210 BAF155 hsa-mir-489 ZNF263 hsa-mir-301b ERalpha hsa-mir-942 Brg1 hsa-mir-661 TAF1 hsa-mir-639 PU.1
hsa-mir-107 CEBPB hsa-mir-106b TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-193b IRF4 hsa-mir-302c NANOG hsa-mir-210 E2F1 hsa-mir-489 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-301b E2F4 hsa-mir-942 E2F1 hsa-mir-661 RXRA hsa-mir-639 HEY1
hsa-mir-107 SREBP1 hsa-mir-106b c-Myc hsa-mir-193b PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-302c GATA6 hsa-mir-210 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-489 SUZ12 hsa-mir-301b CEBPA hsa-mir-942 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-661 HEY1 hsa-mir-639 Sin3Ak-20
hsa-mir-107 SREBP2 hsa-mir-106b CEBPB hsa-mir-193b PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-302c HNF4A hsa-mir-210 Ini1 hsa-mir-489 FOSL2 hsa-mir-301b CDX2 hsa-mir-942 Ini1 hsa-mir-661 FOXP2 hsa-mir-639 Egr-1
hsa-mir-107 STAT2 hsa-mir-106b SREBP1 hsa-mir-193b POU2F2 hsa-mir-302c TAF1 hsa-mir-210 Max hsa-mir-25 FoxA1 hsa-mir-301b HNF4A hsa-mir-942 c-Myc hsa-mir-608 Myc hsa-mir-519d OCT4
hsa-mir-107 GTF2B hsa-mir-106b TR4 hsa-mir-193b TCF12 hsa-mir-378 ERG hsa-mir-210 c-Myc hsa-mir-25 ERG hsa-mir-301b NFKB hsa-mir-942 SREBP1 hsa-mir-608 HNF4A hsa-mir-519d NANOG
hsa-mir-107 NF-YA hsa-mir-106b STAT2 hsa-mir-193b TAF1 hsa-mir-378 Jun hsa-mir-210 CEBPB hsa-mir-25 AR hsa-mir-301b TR4 hsa-mir-942 GTF2B hsa-mir-608 FOXH1 hsa-mir-519d GATA6
hsa-mir-107 NF-YB hsa-mir-106b ATF3 hsa-mir-193b BHLHE40 hsa-mir-378 Myc hsa-mir-210 SREBP1 hsa-mir-25 Jun hsa-mir-301b c-Fos hsa-mir-942 NF-YA hsa-mir-608 CDX2 hsa-mir-519d HNF4A
hsa-mir-107 c-Fos hsa-mir-106b GTF2B hsa-mir-193b FOSL2 hsa-mir-378 CBP hsa-mir-210 STAT2 hsa-mir-25 Fos hsa-mir-301b TCF7L2 hsa-mir-942 NF-YB hsa-mir-608 GATA6 hsa-mir-520b OCT4
hsa-mir-107 c-Jun hsa-mir-106b NF-E2 hsa-mir-193b HEY1 hsa-mir-378 p63 hsa-mir-210 NF-YA hsa-mir-25 Myc hsa-mir-301b Max hsa-mir-942 TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-608 Rad21 hsa-mir-520b NANOG
hsa-mir-107 E2F6 hsa-mir-106b NF-YA hsa-mir-193b Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-378 ZNF263 hsa-mir-210 NF-YB hsa-mir-25 ETS1 hsa-mir-301b BAF155 hsa-mir-942 E2F6 hsa-mir-608 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-520b GATA6
hsa-mir-107 HA-E2F1 hsa-mir-106b NF-YB hsa-mir-125a ERG hsa-mir-378 NANOG hsa-mir-210 E2F6 hsa-mir-25 CBP hsa-mir-301b E2F6 hsa-mir-942 YY1 hsa-mir-608 Ini1 hsa-mir-520b HNF4A
hsa-mir-107 USF-1 hsa-mir-106b c-Jun hsa-mir-125a Jun hsa-mir-378 p300 hsa-mir-210 GR hsa-mir-25 ERalpha hsa-mir-301b Ini1 hsa-mir-942 CTCF hsa-mir-608 CEBPB hsa-mir-519e OCT4
hsa-mir-107 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-106b SETDB1 hsa-mir-125a ZNF263 hsa-mir-378 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-210 EBF hsa-mir-25 STAT1 hsa-mir-301b CEBPB hsa-mir-942 EBF hsa-mir-608 SREBP1 hsa-mir-519e NANOG
hsa-mir-107 POU2F2 hsa-mir-106b YY1 hsa-mir-125a OCT4 hsa-mir-378 E2F4 hsa-mir-210 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-25 ZNF263 hsa-mir-301b STAT2 hsa-mir-942 PAX5-C20 hsa-mir-608 c-Myc hsa-mir-519e GATA6
hsa-mir-107 SP1 hsa-mir-106b USF-1 hsa-mir-125a NANOG hsa-mir-378 CDX2 hsa-mir-210 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-25 OCT4 hsa-mir-301b c-Myc hsa-mir-942 PAX5-N19 hsa-mir-608 E2F6 hsa-mir-519e HNF4A
hsa-mir-107 TCF12 hsa-mir-106b GR hsa-mir-125a RARalpha hsa-mir-378 GATA6 hsa-mir-210 POU2F2 hsa-mir-25 p300 hsa-mir-301b STAT1 hsa-mir-942 POU2F2 hsa-mir-608 CTCF hsa-mir-520h OCT4
hsa-mir-107 TAF1 hsa-mir-106b BATF hsa-mir-125a SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-378 HNF4A hsa-mir-210 Pbx3 hsa-mir-25 MED12 hsa-mir-301b Brg1 hsa-mir-942 PU.1 hsa-mir-608 FOSL2 hsa-mir-520h NANOG
hsa-mir-107 FOSL2 hsa-mir-106b BCL11A hsa-mir-125a SMAD3 hsa-mir-378 p68 hsa-mir-210 SP1 hsa-mir-25 SMAD2/3 hsa-mir-301b NF-YA hsa-mir-942 Pbx3 hsa-mir-608 HEY1 hsa-mir-520h GATA6
hsa-mir-107 HEY1 hsa-mir-106b BCL3 hsa-mir-125a SMAD4 hsa-mir-378 NFKB hsa-mir-210 TCF12 hsa-mir-25 SMAD4 hsa-mir-301b NF-YB hsa-mir-942 SP1 hsa-mir-608 JunD hsa-mir-520h HNF4A
hsa-mir-107 JunD hsa-mir-106b EBF hsa-mir-125a FOXH1 hsa-mir-378 Rad21 hsa-mir-210 TAF1 hsa-mir-25 E2F4 hsa-mir-301b SIRT6 hsa-mir-942 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-608 RXRA    
hsa-mir-107 RXRA hsa-mir-106b GABP hsa-mir-125a E2F4 hsa-mir-378 TR4 hsa-mir-210 FOSL2 hsa-mir-25 SPDEF hsa-mir-301b TFIIIC-110 hsa-mir-942 TAF1 hsa-mir-608 TAF1    
hsa-mir-107 Sin3Ak-20 hsa-mir-106b IRF4 hsa-mir-125a PPARg hsa-mir-378 TCF7L2 hsa-mir-210 HEY1 hsa-mir-25 ELF1 hsa-mir-301b c-Jun hsa-mir-942 TCF12 hsa-mir-608 p300